Chelsea & Aaron

Aaron and I met in the spring of 2016 thru a mutual friend, my best friends sister in law. Before I met Aaron I had been accepted to graduate school in Lincoln, England and was set to leave that coming September. I was absolutely not looking for a boyfriend or any kind of serious relationship since I was planning on leaving the country. Aaron was also planning on leaving the area soon with an overseas deployment with the coast guard.

Our mutual friend Tiffaney introduced us at a bar and I thought he was really attractive, but not much more than that. A few weeks later him and I decided to hang out and we went hiking in First Landing State Park and we ended up hiking and hiking for hours because we were so lost in conversation! We were both afraid it would be awkward, but we ended up staying way past the park closing time and I knew then , that he was different. The next couple times we hung out we both tried to just keep it friendly because we knew we were both leaving and only supposed to be friends, however eventually that became impossible to maintain and something more started to develop. After we admitted we both had feelings for each other it all moved quickly, I knew I loved him and that it was different than anyone else. Eventually summer ended and it was time for him to go on a deployment and almost time for me to leave to England. We promised that we would find a way to make it work, but I think we both thought we were saying goodbye forever. Aaron left in August and I was scheduled to leave in September before he got back.

After Aaron deployed I started thinking long and hard about my reasons for going to England and what my heart really wanted. A couple weeks before he was scheduled to come home and I was scheduled to leave I called the school and pushed my start date back a semester. Deep down I knew I didn't want to leave him, but I wasn't ready to admit it to myself or give up on graduate school abroad either. When Aaron returned I was so happy to see him and I knew that I didn't want to lose him. However, his big 9 month long deployment that he signed up for was still looming and I still had graduate school. Also, Aaron's coast guard schedule was very demanding because his ship was on 1.5 months in port and 2 months out constantly, this made it very hard for us to have time together or figure things out. Eventually Aaron found out that he was not selected for the 9 month long deployment and we decided together that he would not put his name in again and that I would turn down the graduate school in England. We both chose to give up something and make the decision to peruse our relationship TOGETHER. After that we went thru 5 more deployments that all offered unique challenges. We have had a couple big differences but in the end we always choose each other. The thing that is always prominent with both of us is that no matter how far away or how long we are apart we are always waiting for each other.

Aaron and Chelsea exchanged Dr. Seuss style wedding vows on April 7, 2018 at the Commanding General's Residence and Gardens in Fort Monroe, Hampton, Virginia. It was supposed to be an outdoor ceremony in the garden, but Mother Nature had other ideas in mind. It was 65 degrees, with rain and wind. The weather did not stop the show. Chelsea wore a lovely strapless gown made of champagne and ivory lace with an intricate beading detail on the back to make the dress to seem backless. Chelsea purchased that beauty from Ava Clara in Virginia Beach. The coloring of the dress made Chelsea's porcelain skin and red hair pop. Aaron wore is Coast Guard dress blue uniform.

Chelsea had a jaw dropping dramatic and lush boutique of burgundy, navy blue flowers and a variety of greens that were made by The Hanging Gardens. The boutonnieres, corsages and bridesmaid's bouquets were also provided by The Hanging Gardens. Dinner was of Greek flair from Creative Catering. The three tier semi naked cake was created by Impressional Sweetz. Linen was provided by Waterford Event Rentals and china was provided by Chic Unique Antique Rentals. Wild Heart Films photographed all the wonderful moments on this beautiful day.

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