Planning Weddings for Friends Can Ruin Friendships

It never dawned on me that planning events for friends would be hurtful to the friendship. I love my girlfriend to the moon and back, but this endeavor maybe ruining what has blossomed into a sisterhood over the past decade. I never thought much

about the emotional toll it would take on the both of us. When I agreed to plan her wedding I was unaware my stress level as high as it was. I was so apprehensive about disappointing her I wanted to abandon the project, but I love a challenge. Planning for others is a passion for me. I get to take their ideas and make them into the majestic moments they will never forget. Dealing with a bride that does not know what they envision is one thing, but dealing with a bride who is not local, and has no idea what they want has been a struggle to say the least. With friends you usually can say how you feel, but with a friend who is a bride you are planning a wedding for makes it hard. Most brides make emotional decisions so I tried to tread lightly. There was no Skype for us to pick out colors together, everything had to be done via email or the mail. I would email pictures of flowers or color schemes, but everyone should know their monitor color may not be the same as some else. She and I bickered over little details to include the value of having a ceremony and reception in the same venue when there are time and budget constraints, or which hotel would be cost effective to accommodate out of town guest. The list went on and on, but eventually my friend, the bride understood that she needed to trust I would give her the wedding of her dreams, within her budget and our sisterhood would endure.

Sister-friend thank you for pushing me to my limits and helping me to become a better planner.


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