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Aaron and I met in the spring of 2016 thru a mutual friend, my best friends sister in law. Before I met Aaron I had been accepted to graduate school in Lincoln, England and was set to leave that coming September. I was absolutely not looking for a boyfriend or any kind...

In July 2013 Matt and Beth met online and talked every single day until Beth arrived in the United States two months later when they finally met in person at a Starbucks. Matt was really nervous and talked too much, and Beth was having a hard time understanding English...

January 22, 2018

 I have known Nneka for 11 years. I was so flattered and honored when she said, "Queen, I need you to put my day together like I know you can". Nneka, is like a sister to me and I wanted to make sure everything was the way she envisioned.

Chris and Nneka met 9 years ag...